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Payroll Services

Let us get your payroll right the first time . . .

"A current report from the Government Accounting Office shows that in a recent year, the Internal Revenue Service penalized 34% of all employers who used the payroll depository system - for incorrect or late payment of taxes owed. These employers range from Fortune 500 companies to the single person company."


With every payroll we prepare you will receive:


Payroll Checks (Optional)
Employee Earnings Summary
Payroll Registers
Reporting Forms
Department Summary (Optional)


There are three ways to make your tax deposits:


Client pays taxes following instructions provided

EFTPS are prepared for you ( tax deposit checks no longer accepted )

Funds are transferred from your account for FICA, Federal, State & local withholding, FUTA, and SUTA.

When running a business, it makes sense to outsource tasks that can be handled best by others, Kassman Accounting & Payroll Services will save you time and money and allows you to be more productive. Payroll is one of the classic tasks that generally meets all of these criteria.


Kassman Accounting & Payroll Services allow businesses to be more productive by freeing up the owners and managers from time consuming payroll preparation and compliance tasks. Kassman Accounting & Payroll Services also save your business money by helping you to avoid penalties assessed by federal and state governments due to reporting errors.


As your payroll company Kassman Accounting & Payroll Services has the special experience to see that your business stays in compliance with all the complicated rules that govern employers and payroll. You may not know what; FUTA, SUTA, FIT, ADA, EEOC and the many other federal and state agencies are and what the rules are that govern payroll, but as your payroll company the experts at Kassman Accounting & Payroll Services understand all of these and more.


Outsource your payroll to Kassman Accounting & Payroll Services and our professional staff and payroll systems will get your payroll right the first time and every time. Payroll companies are not all the same, at Kassman Accounting & Payroll Services you get the personal attention you deserve. Have a question? Our professional payroll staff is only a phone call away.


Kassman Accounting & Payroll Services not only processes your payroll for you we handle all your payroll tax and compliance issues. Should your payroll records be audited by state, federal or local government we handle the audit for you. We even handle all your workers compensation insurance reporting.


Let us use our payroll systems and expertise to take the worries out of getting your payroll completed and your employees paid. We’ll provide you with the payroll checks, an employee earnings summary, payroll registers, and reporting forms. Since this is our area of expertise, we will make sure that everything is completed on time and






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