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Business Start Ups

Starting a Business requires the small business owner to possess a high level of skills right from the start in order to increase the probability of success. Unfortunately, the new business owner does not possess these skills.

We all need the new business support offered by Kassman Accounting, a lawyer, an insurance agent, a banker, and personal financial planner and business coach.

Starting a Business requires the small business owner to possess a high level of skills



Your Team needs to be created before you invest your money and time into your venture. Sadly, most small business people run for help only when they are in serious trouble. Your Team Members want you to succeed and will advise your accordingly.

How to start a business is a difficult task which is proven with over a 80% failure rate for new businesses within the first two years. Kassman Accounting will provide you with valuable advice and great practical ideas so that you stay in the 20% success group.

Small business startups can be successful when you organize your team of professionals and consult with them during the planning stage and during the business operations.

Small business planning includes the following steps:

Find a product or service that fits your plan

Determine the extent of your business resources

Calculate the total investment needed for equipment and working capital

Decide on the best legal structure for your proposed business; factors to consider are; risk, branding, taxation. Do not incorporate a company on your own before discussing with your team members.

Physical location of your business if not home based

Kassman Accounting can and will help you navigate through the maze of obstacles in this new business startup phase and keep you focused on your personal and business goals.


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